A Subtle Web.   FITSOCIAL.

Located in Poughkeepsie, FITSOCIAL is the Hudson Valley’s hottest new group fitness studio. With style and attitude to spare, FITSOCIAL combines high-intensity workouts with a high energy social scene, including nightclub-inspired fitness sessions and even a bar.

There’s nothing quite like FITSOCIAL, which is why the founder turned to A Subtle Web to develop a 100% bespoke website. The site features full-width videos and a collection of engaging calls-to-action that were custom-designed as easy-to-edit widgets from the WordPress dashboard.

FITSOCIAL is primed for growth, and so is its website. Designed with expandability in mind, the site integrates cleanly with the social media and membership platforms that the fitness club is already using, creating a seamlessly branded experience.

Fitsocial (Desktop)