A Subtle Web.   About.

A Subtle Web is the creative consultation studio of Elliot Toman, located in New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley. With over a decade of experience in all forms of media production, Elliot specializes in combining a talented eye for design with a practical in-depth knowledge of internet technologies.


“Elliot is the Best. He just is. I don’t say it lightly. As an entrepreneur he is able to quickly understand his client’s needs from a business perspective (bottom-line). As a designer his instincts and product are possibly genius-level. His approach is quiet, thoughtful and yes, subtle. He uses a minimalist approach to his designs, but his end product doesn’t come across as intentionally “minimal”, but rather efficient and impactful. If you’re looking to balance your brand and get your product to cut through all the noise, Elliot is your man.”

Bryan Wigton
President, Ulster Computers

“Elliot Toman of A Subtle Web is intelligent and wonderfully creative. He is quickly responsive to email, phone calls, questions and concerns and – in my case – artistic panic attacks. He’s great! Patient, kind, he laughs and comforts and delivers on time, with more than you expected. There are few people I would ever recommend without hesitation. Elliot is at the top of my list.”

Marian Grudko
Creator & Editor

“Elliot is extremely thoughtful in his website development work. From our first meeting, he always had a notebook in hand and was taking detailed notes, asking questions and troubleshooting ideas to make sure the website he created for me matched my vision and expectations. After the implementation, when questions came up for me as a first time administrator of my own site, there was never a long delay in Elliot’s response. He was there for me throughout the entire process in a deeply supportive, meaningful way. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Mary Welch

“Elliot Toman’s skill is far above average.  He creates the types of designs big companies pay big bucks for.  His work not only catches the eye but has you making comments like -“Wow!  That is cool!”  He has worked with me doing UI, UX, and logo design and has far exceeded my expectations.   I often open his graphics files just to look at them in admiration.  Honestly, I wouldn’t mind blowing some of them up and hanging them as art or turning them into T-shirts.”

Aaron Heinly

“Elliot is a highly-valued web designer in my book. I enjoy collaborating with him for all of my web design projects because he is a thoughtful designer, knowledgeable of current trends, professional and very reliable. He approaches each project with fresh ideas that have been a success with clients. In a ever changing marketplace of many unknowns, I always feel in good hands with Elliot. He makes projects go smoothly and often goes the extra mile to make things right while kindly educating along the way.”

Scarlet Duba
Principal, Duba Design

“Elliot Toman is a top of the line professional web designer.  He listens exquisitely well to the wants and needs of his clients, is patient and kind, has fine aesthetic taste, and keeps his word in terms of what he promises and when he delivers.  He listens to feedback, will state his opinion with your interest in mind, and knows where his expertise lies, and where it does not.”

Bob Beverley
Psychotherapist and Author